Progression of Saree to “Half Saree”

Sarees, as an outfit has been a salient feature of clothing in the Indian Subcontinent for a long time now. Many styles have evolved over time and the latest trend is that of Half Saree or Half n Half Saree. As the concept of sarees is transforming drastically, women from all walks of life are accepting new versions with open arms. Traditionally, a half saree is very prominent in the southern region of India. It is also called the LangaVoni Telugu, LangaDavani in Kannada and PavaadaDavani in Tamil. We can say that a half saree is a younger variant of the traditional saree. In South India, younger girls who have crossed puberty and are eligible for marriage wear this two-piece saree often. One can shop half sarees online and be a part of this fashion orientation.


There are three main components of this attire, namely, the langa, pavaadai or skirt which is tied around the waist using a string. The Voni or the dupatta is draped over the shoulder and around the waist to be tucked in the front. The third piece is the choli or blouse which can be of short or long sleeves and is well-fitting to the body. One of the most prominent features of a half saree is that contrasting colors are used for the different components mentioned earlier making the whole look distinct and playful, although one can opt for the usual traditional monochromatic colors. So get going and join in the wave of half sarees by buying it online and look fabulous.

Pastel colours this summer

Summer is here, which means it’s officially time to revamp your wardrobe. Step away from dull gray and comfortable black. Embrace the season with some pastel hues. The best thing about these soft hues is that they never go out of trend enabling you to use them year after year.


Pretty Pink, Pale Blues, and Soft Lemon…!

It’s true, the old is new again. The feminine and beautifully elegant pastel hues are again seen dotting the fashion. Let it be sarees, kurta, kurtis, shorts, trousers, jeggings, or salwar suits, everywhere we see a glimpse of pastel colors. The top most pastel shades of the year are pretty pink, pale blue and soft lemon. Holding behind is mint green, lavender, and pale yellow. But, before I proceed with the colors, I would like to make you aware about some lighter dress fabrics that you can use during this summer like, linen, cotton, rayon, and seersucker.  



  • Mint Green
    While the Greens used during the winter/fall are mostly the darker shades, lighter green is best suited for summer/spring. A lightweight pastel green blouse/jacket can be matched along with a pink saree or vice versa for a relaxed look. Or, you can even opt to wear a mint green kurti matched with grey Patiala pants.
  • Pale Yellow
    An investment on yellow or pale yellow for this summer will be totally worth the money. Combine yellow with blue (dark or light shade) to own a crisp look this summer. The pale yellow is also supposed to look great with more neutral colors like gray or brown.
  • Lavender
    For those you are looking for a slightly bold statement can opt a lavender colored salwar kameez or saree. You can try mixing a white, lime green, or orange.
  • Pretty Pink
    Pretty pink will be the easiest color to style with anything you own, no matter where you’re headed. Add that subtle infusion of life into your work life by wearing light pink palazzo pants. Pink will be the perfect pastel color for this summer if you are planning on choosing a go-to tailored dress that you will live in the summer.